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Healthy Skin Firming

Line Mender

Sleep Recovery Cream

Wrinkle Release Pen

14-Day Skin Rescue

3D Lifting Cream

Actifirm Face Firm

Actifirm Renovation Cream

Actifirm Renovation Serum

AFA Moisturizer




Age Defying Copper

Age Defying Daily

Age Logic Cellulaire

Age Nutritive

Age Refirm Eye for Men

Age Refirm Treatment

Age-Diffusing Serum

Ageless Intensives Moisture Night

Ageless Intensives Moisture SPF 20

Ageless Intensives Serum

AHA Facial Lotion

Ahava Age Defying Moisture

Ahava Age Defying Nourishment

Ahava Age Defying Optimizer

Amino Genesis Anti-Aging Serum

Annemarie Borlind Eye

Anti-aging Cellular Repair

Anti-aging Treatment

Anti-Aging Wrinkle-Lift

Anti-Wrinkle Crème

Anti-Wrinkle Day

Anti-wrinkle Firming Cream SPF 10

Anti-wrinkle Firming Eye Cream

Anti-wrinkle Firming Lotion

Anti-Wrinkle Night

Anti-Wrinkle Refinishing Serum

Anti-wrinkle Rescue Mask

Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Aroma Vaillance Wrinkle Corrector

Avene Eluage Cream

Avene Eluage Firming

Avene Ystheal Cream

Avene Ystheal Lotion

Avotone Relaxant 1-30ml

Base Energie 777

BCA Serum

Beaute Neuve

Beauty Serum


Biodynamic Beauty Night Lotion

Biodynamic Beauty Serum

Bioelements Gel Therapy

Bioelements Oxygen Cocktail

Biofirm Lift Eye Anti-Wrinkle

Bionic Face

Bionic Face Cream

C-ESTAMINS® With BioCell

Cell Moisturizing

Ceramide Plump Cream SPF 30

Ceramide Plump Line Concentrate

Ceramide Time Cream

Citrix 10%

Citrix 15%

Citrix 20%

Citrix CRS 10%

Citrix CRS 15%

Citrix CRS 20%

Clarins Botanical Serum

Clarins Extra Day Dry Skin

Clarins Extra Day Lotion

Clarins Extra Night

Clarins Extra Night Dry Skin

Clarins Extra-Firming Neck

Clarins HydraQuench

Clarins Intensive Care

Clarins Multi Active Day

Clarins Restorative Night


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Chanel Precision Restructuring Anti-wrinkle Firming Lotion
Manufacturer: Chanel
Brand: Precision Restructuring
Type of Product: Lotion
Price Range: See 8TOP Retailers Below
Concerns: see desc below
Vegan: no
Tested on Animals: unknown

8TOP Places to Buy PRICE
1. Amazon.com  $148.03
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This advanced lightweight moisturizing lotion, newly packaged in glass, is formulated with Adhesioderm to firm and resculpt, correcting every sign of age. It's as if surface skin is 'bonded' to its support system.

Ingredients: unavailable

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